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One way to help make sure you are giving your skin the nutrients it needs is to supplement with products made from all natural ingredients, that you know you can trust. Blush and Green, LLC provides products that are 100% natural so you know you are nourishing your body with good ingredients.


  • Our Pink Grapefruit essential oil has a fresh, light, citrusy, sweet, yet slightly bitter aroma, but what sets it apart from other citrus oils is the rather pithy note in the dry down, thanks to a certain chemical constituent found only in grapefruits.

    Botanical Name: Citrus paradisi Macfad.

    Use: Aromatherapy / Natural Perfumery.

    Aroma: Fresh, light, citrusy, sweet, yet slightly bitter aroma with a rather pithy note in the drydown; somewhat similar to that of Bitter Orange and perhaps the sweetest of our three Grapefruit oils.

    Contraindications: Photosensitizing (low risk)

  • 10 ml

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